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Pumpkin Spice

Autumn: crunchy leaves, cooler weather, and all things pumpkin.

Woodland Walk

Crisp leaves, fresh air, running streams, and ALL the interesting smells.

Ticket To Yuma

A touch of southwest inspiration to keep your pup looking as cool as a desert night.

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They BARK. They WAG. Give 'em some SWAG.


Inspired by RESCUE

BARKSwag dog bandanas only exist because we adopted a rescue pup from a shelter. The instant joy he brought to our lives inspired us to turn a personal hobby of sewing bandanas for him into something bigger - something with purpose. FOR EVERY DOG BANDANA PURCHASED, REGARDLESS OF SIZE, WE DONATE $1 TO A LOCAL AUSTIN RESCUE to help others find the joy we did.


Hoping for HAPPINESS

Our goal is to make people happy. TO ACHIEVE THIS, WE STRIVE TO DO OUR PART TO HELP PEOPLE CONNECT WITH RESCUE DOGS BY SUPPORTING LOCAL ANIMAL ADOPTION ORGANIZATIONS, to create handcrafted dog bandanas that pet owners can feel good about, and to brighten the day of anyone who sees a cute dog in a BARKSwag bandana.


Fueled by LOVE

Be it the love we have for our dog, the love we hope others will find when adopting their dogs, or the love we have for sewing - IT'S WHAT MOVES US FORWARD.

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Add a little SWAGGER to your favorite WAGGER.


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